Mission & Vision

Our Purpose…To promote the general welfare of the residential districts around Buckeye Lake in Licking, Fairfield and Perry Counties Ohio.  We do this by giving special attention to public improvements and all that relates to the betterment of the community including: Beautification of property, sanitation issues, roads, highways, lake banks, docks, canals, ditches, dredging, fish hatcheries, inlets, locks, and outlets.
We Need You To Make A Difference…The new year brings many opportunities to the Buckeye Lake area and the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association promises to be involved in most of them. Your membership supports our involvement when working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as well as State and Local government entities on issues impacting Buckeye Lake.

Improvements to the existing dam will directly impact many of our neighbors and will indirectly affect everyone who lives around the lake. The dredging of Maple Bay is currently receiving much attention, however, once completed there are many other areas still in need of dredging and your participation in the association enhances our ability to move things forward. There are several sources of water entering Buckeye Lake, some of which are good and others that may be less than desirable. Our watershed management committee is seeking to determine steps that can be taken to assure a clean lake for the future. Once again, your help would be greatly appreciated.

There are many reasons to be a part of the Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association. Which one is most important to you and your family? Fifteen dollars ($15.00) per/year makes you a member and part of the solution to the many challenges that lay ahead of us. Go HERE to fill out an application.